Should we resist artificial intelligence?

JI will not issue an injunction. Everyone decides this issue for himself. I would just like to share some thoughts about artificial intelligence (AI) – a set of computer technologies designed to perform operations that mimic human cognitive abilities.

Cedric Sauvia

Engineer, President of the French Association against Artificial Intelligence.

The development of AI will not stop until it provides the machine with all the skills of a person. In other words, the prospect of “self-limiting” technology research by so-called specialized applications, rather than the development of general-purpose AI, is not a credible hypothesis. Even if, individually, many researchers maintain modest and narrowly limited ambitions (for example, the recognition of cancerous tumors), their personal ethics, their remorse and their precautions will not affect the course of things.

AI has the effect – if not the purpose – of replacing man with a machine wherever possible, and therefore, by virtue of the foregoing, replacing him everywhere. Currently, this search is cost effective as it is rewarded with increased performance. Thus, this is a continuation of the capitalist program of fierce competition, which has already eliminated man from production and is now spreading to the services, arts and crafts. The development of AI is uncontrollable because none of its actors can claim to control its evolution.

Parallel advances in machine learning, quantum computing, and electronics (nanoelectronics, microsystems, teleportation, Ultraram memory, etc.) make the future performance of AI completely unpredictable. However, there is currently no regulatory body. Admittedly, there is indeed a “philosophy” of this regulation. [1]listing the principles to be observed: creating useful, safe and transparent AI in accordance with the ideals of human dignity, widely shared ethical values, etc.

Regulation or prohibition?

But what do these lyrical flights and noble statements oppose to the lure of profit and the will to power? When it was created in 2017, the OpenAI association that leads “ethical AI” stated: “Our mission is to create a secure general intelligence and ensure that its benefits are distributed in the most appropriate way. possible. We are a non-profit research organization. Our team of sixty researchers and engineers is dedicated to their mission, regardless of the opportunities for personal gain that may come their way. »

“Artificial intelligence replaces man with a machine wherever possible, and therefore replaces him everywhere”

Four years later, after the creation of ChatGPT, OpenIA is valued at $29 billion and has grown into a limited-profit company. [2]… we can already guess the next step. “Ethical AI” looks like a trap.

Synonymous with super-profits for some, AI will “deeply corrupt” the lives of everyone else. Who can believe that this will make the world a safer place when it provides unlimited and cheap power of trouble to all bureaucrats, technocrats, electronic merchants, not to mention bad guys and cybercriminals big and small? From privacy surveillance to administrative police, from ransomware to video capture, there are many nuisances against which the individual is defenseless due to the inability to identify the person responsible for the car.

As for drones and other killer robots, after terrorizing the population of Syria, they are now rampant in Ukraine and will appear on the menu of the next wars in increasingly successful forms. But rest assured, serious people will confirm that the Terminator is pure fantasy!

Faced with the spread of AI, what can stubborn, allergic, or just anxious citizens do? You must understand that in our eyes, calls for increased regulation are useless, given that this is the only option available to politicians, since they cannot question the underlying economic trend. In fact, only a complete ban on AI makes sense; but it is also clear that the world will only resolve to this after a traumatic collective experience.

Cédric Sauviat, engineer, president of the French Association against Artificial Intelligence

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