Should we still eat sausages? – Science and the future

This article is taken from the monthly journal Sciences et Avenir – La Recherche #913 of March 2023.

Sausages, hams, black puddings, terrines… Prepared from meat and offal of pork, game (boar, hare) or poultry (duck, goose), sausages (hams, pâtés, rolls, black puddings, sausages) or raw (cured ham, sausages), canned with salt or smoked. Undeniable amateurs, the French bought 27.9 kg per family in 2019 (Kantar Worldpanel/Fict, 2020). But its abuse is out of the question due to its proven harmful effects on health. Eat less and, most importantly, better – this may be the new motto of pork lovers.

It provides proteins and some minerals…

Grilled sausage provides 24.5g of protein per 100g and 7.2g per three slices of raw sausage (30g). Black pudding is the richest in iron with 17.4mg/100g, equivalent to the daily requirement of a non-menopausal woman. . Also interesting are the levels of vitamin B1 or thiamine (1.2mg/100g skinless ham, i.e. all the recommended nutritional requirements for a woman), which help maintain cognitive functions (concentration, memory, thinking, etc.). According to the Ciqual nutritional chart, deli meats can also be a source of zinc (2.5mg/100g pancetta) and selenium (17mcg/100g pork liver mousse).

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