Sick of the Covid-19 in the middle of summer: “I released my vigilance too quickly”

“These days, I was able to take a half hour walk on the beach, dip my feet in the waves. Going out, walking, it really does a lot of good! Celine, sparkling look, loving the party, comes back to life. This 28-year-old Parisian girl has just been caught by the coronavirus: “Just last week, I was at the bottom of my bed, for ten days, I only slept, at the slightest effort, I was completely exhausted, ”says this project manager in marketing, who left to get a new life on the side of La Baule (Loire-Atlantique).

The Covid-19, she thought it was primarily for “the elderly, the profiles at risk”. It was his mistake. His other misstep is to have also “lacked a little too quickly of vigilance”. She knows it now, she shouldn’t have, but “like in the news, we talked mainly about the United States, Brazil, I thought that the epidemic, here was behind us”, she confesses. And to warn: “Continue to wear your masks, wash your hands, use gel, keep your distance, it’s heavy, painful, but the virus is still there”.

“We wanted to meet too much”

It was in a private setting, during evenings with friends, forgetting the barrier gestures, the distances, that she fell ill. “We are a dozen dating regularly, we like to see each other during the week, having drinks. Until May, we were all still careful, everyone brought their own bowl, we didn’t sit too close to each other, she says.

“And then we spent a weekend together, there we clearly dropped the case. We couldn’t do it anymore. We wanted to meet too much, ”admits the young woman. The confinement, passed each in turn to the parents’ home, was not always easy. “It got a little heavy at the end,” she remembers, as if to justify this desire to do as before. Except that the coronavirus was still circulating…

The virus is during a picnic in a small group that she thinks she had caught it: “We had a date with four, on June 21, on a lawn in the Tuileries garden, Louvre side, near the labyrinths. We still don’t know who contaminated who, but what is certain is that that day, we all plunged our hands into the same packet of crisps, the same bag of cherry tomatoes and shared, without any precaution, the same sliced ​​cake, ”she sighs. Three days later, her boyfriend, who feels woozy, tested positive; Céline, she begins to have “headaches, muscle pain in the back, legs”. She passes the test, she too is infected.

“In the end, out of twelve people, we are seven to have tested positive,” says the brunette with long hair. The little gang has formed, without knowing it, what we call a home, or “cluster”… Everyone is quick to warn the family, loved ones, their employer, and, even if it means reconfiguring, all decide to do so together in a house with garden in Rueil-Malmaison (Hauts-de-Seine), “in order to keep morale up”.

“It was like I became a grandmother”

Céline flanche: within this miniature cluster, she is the most affected: “Half of my friends did not show symptoms, I found myself bedridden, impossible to make an effort without being out of breath, it was as if I had become a grandmother, ”explains the young girl who really did not expect to find herself in this state. “I don’t smoke, I swim, dance, I have no medical history, as I was young and healthy, I thought I was not risking much. I made a big mistake. Even when you are athletic like me, you are not immune. “

Her doctor had to extend her arrest: “It was really hard. At the end of the first week I plunged again, I was then very afraid of pulmonary complications, fortunately, I managed to pass the course. “It has only been two to three days since she has been feeling much better, able to make small outings. She thinks she has no sequelae and is already planning to head for the Ile de Ré (Charente-Maritime), then Saint-Tropez (Var).

But if there is one thing that Céline is sure of, it is that for the next evenings this summer with friends, it will be “each his glass, each his plate, without forgetting the mask. Otherwise, it’s risky. “


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