Signal: A record 47 million downloads in two weeks

Signal still does not publish official statistics on the influx of new users to its service, but there are some clear signs: the number of notifications that a contact has joined Signal, the trends in the App Store which put Signal at the top of the peloton or repeated malfunctions of the messaging application, which is struggling to keep up with the influx of new users.

According to the Sensory Tower institute, whose figures are reported by Le Figaro, the number of downloads of the Signal application is estimated at 47 million downloads worldwide between January 4 and 17.

This constitutes a significant increase in the number of downloads for the messaging app: according to the same estimates, the number of downloads of Signal between December 21 and January 3 stood at 491,000. Whatsapp’s other main competitor on the secure messaging sector, Telegram, for its part, announced last Wednesday that it had managed to pass the 500 million user mark, as reported by Reuters.

Secure messaging is taking advantage of the recent exodus of Whatsapp users. The messaging application, acquired by Facebook, has updated its general conditions of use by authorizing the sharing of user data with other companies in the group, a clause that users must accept before May 15 or otherwise no longer be able to use the application. If Whatsapp continues to offer end-to-end encryption of user messages, connection metadata can therefore be shared, a disavowal of the privacy protection policy that the founders of the application put forward.

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