Silent Hill Several studios suggest they would be working on the saga, including Bloober Team (The Medium)

Game news Silent Hill – Several studios suggest they would be working on the saga, including Bloober Team (The Medium)

Silent Hill ? Does that remind you of something ? If this is not the case, know that this is the game that almost all players around the world want to see land on their favorite machines since the cancellation of the reboot of the saga normally carried out by Hideo Kojima. But unfortunately, for a few years now, players can simply be content with false hopes and rumors … Moreover, today, a news has just emerged.

A few hours ago now, Bloober Team, the team behind Microsoft’s exclusive The Medium, opened the doors to all possible speculation after making the following statement at the microphone of :

We’ve been working for over a year on another project, another horror license, and we’re doing it with a very famous game publisher. I can’t tell you who. I can’t tell you what the project is, but I’m pretty sure that when people see that we’re working on it, they’ll be very excited. Piotr Babieno, CEO of Bloober Team

It did not take more to shake the tree of rumors! Fans therefore began to see all the possibilities and of course, including the most unlikely: Bloober Team would currently work in close collaboration with Konami, the publisher having control of the popular Silent Hill license.

Several clues could also legitimize this announcement since the YouTube channel TheGrateDebate had posted a video about an hour long earlier in the month uncovering a lot of evidence supporting the latest speculation, starting with a comment from the composer of Silent Hill. Indeed, Akira Yamaoka would have claimed to work on a project other than The Medium with Bloober Team. But as everything is often complicated with the saga of Keiichiro Toyama, another rumor, this time quite different, has also surfaced.

Our colleagues from VGC claim that Konami has also entrusted a Silent Hill project to a Japanese developer (information that should normally be revealed in the summer of 2021), which would mean that two Silent Hill games could currently be in production … Amazing! But for two VGC sources, that wouldn’t be impossible. According to them, despite the collaboration with the Japanese developer, Konami would have approached many studios including Supermassive Games, the creators of Until Dawn, to entrust her baby. Of course, the partnership between Supermassive Games and Konami would not have succeeded.

Unfortunately, we will have to be patient to bring this story to light and wait for next summer, a period when the Japanese studio – for the moment unknown – should unveil its new project or wait until Bloober Team formalizes its new production. . The latter should not be too late to show the tip of its nose, since Bloober Team’s latest production, The Medium, has now been available for two good weeks.

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