Simple CRM, an AI that advises in 3 months

Simple CRM, a product of Belgian publisher Simpl Groupe, will soon be available in version 10, which will offer an almost completely rewritten customer relationship management module.

Beyond a redesigned user interface, the software will incorporate Artificial Intelligence capable of providing business management advice after just 3 months of use.

The idea is to take into account what the relationship with the customer really is: a continuous process that goes far beyond the act of selling. In fact, all departments are in contact with customers: after-sales service, billing, marketing, deliveries, etc. The integrated AI, called HaPPi, is capable of pointing out the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that revolve in and around each company.

There are different subscription offers available, from € 15 per month and per user. A demo version is available, usable for 15 days.

Brice Cornet, Founder and CEO, specifies: “With V.10, our users will be able to fully benefit from relevant strategic advice and receive day-to-day reports, analysis and insights from their smart virtual assistant.”

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