SK Hynix to produce its DRAM memory using ultraviolet light

Semiconductor giant SK Hynix is ​​determined to move the lines. The South Korean firm has indeed started producing its line of 8 GB LPPDR4 10nm DRAM memory this month. The company has also indicated that it will apply the EUV (extreme ultraviolet) process to the production of this latest chip, on which it is relying heavily. With this latest chip, SK Hynix applies the EUV process to its DRAM production for the first time. Samsung began applying this advanced process to its memory production last year.

As a reminder, the extreme ultraviolet process is used in the lithography process during chip production, where the circuit models are transferred to the wafer. By using the UVU, companies can transfer more precise models, allowing smaller chips to be designed and more drawn on the wafer.

Besides memory, in logic chips the process is widely adopted by semiconductor giants TSMC and Samsung for their advanced processor production lines.

Hope to end the shortage?

Is right. According to SK Hynix, the use of this industrial process should allow the Korean firm to obtain 25% more DRAM units on a single wafer for the latest LPPDR4 in 10nm, compared to its predecessor.

And see it as a hope for solving the semiconductor shortage that is currently disrupting a large number of supply chains around the world. For the company, the production of its latest DRAM will likely help ease the current supply and demand conditions in global markets.

According to the South Korean company, all new DRAM products from SK Hynix with the latest 10nm process will be manufactured by EUV in the future. As for its characteristics, the new LPDDR4 mobile DRAM from the Korean giant operates at 4,266 Mb / s and consumes 20% less power than its predecessor, specifies SK Hynix. The chip will be delivered to smartphone makers in the second half of the year, its management says. The company will also begin applying its latest 10nm process to its DDR5 production starting in 2022.

Source: .com

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