Skello digitizes field teams

The rise of hybrid and remote work has marked the pandemic and post-crisis period. Since then, companies have been trying to transform their work organization to adapt to this new situation.

However, remote work does not apply to all professions. Thus, digitalization is not limited to support for remote work and the associated employee experience. The experience of field teams is also important in many industries.

These employees are not eligible to work remotely. They work in the restaurant and hospitality industry, as well as in retail or healthcare, such as pharmacies or laboratories.

For these professions, digitalization may have been delayed. This is changing in favor of SaaS (software as a service) providers such as Skello.

“Rethinking” field work

Founded in 2016, the startup is experiencing very strong growth. It is present in five countries and employs more than 200 people. There will be 300 by the end of 2022 and 500 by 2025. On the same horizon, the scaling targets €100 million in annual recurring revenue.

And if Skello records such progress, it’s because companies are accelerating digitalization at the point of sale. This was especially true of healthcare during the pandemic, when pharmacies, medical offices and health centers were in high demand.

For this clientele, as well as retail and hospitality businesses, Skello provides subscription-based HR solutions. “A store manager with about fifteen people usually uses paper files or Excel files to manage scheduling,” explains Eliott Guerin, the editor’s marketing director.

Lack of tools complicates the planning process. Skello promises these companies to “reimagine the field team experience” through an app for mobile devices and PC/tablets.

Planning generation and decision support

The application centralizes the processing of personnel tasks related to employee management. And Skello’s main application, as Elliott Guerin points out, is scheduling, with features that allow you to create schedules and communicate them to employees.

The solution can also be used to collect employee arrivals and departures, as well as variable payroll items. Skello interacts with the main payroll software tools on the market.

In addition, as an HR application, Skello also offers its users the automatic creation of legal documents. These include, for example, contracts for additional services in the field of catering.

The features are intended for store managers and managers (Skello in a team of 8,000 people) as well as field users (200,000 people per day). “From his mobile application, an employee can view his schedule, apply for a vacation, offer his manager to exchange hours with a colleague. […] Our goal is to optimize processes at points of sale, ”explains a representative of the publishing house.

Popularize data

In addition to this feature set, there are advanced features including Smart Planner. Thanks to artificial intelligence and data, the tool offers the company an optimized version of the schedule. This option is subject to an additional charge of EUR 30 per month.

For management purposes, Skello also provides analytics through the dashboard. This interactive report displays the data you need to make decisions: payroll ratio, staffing, employee turnover, and more.

“A restaurant or store manager is not a data scientist. Our challenge in 2022 is to ensure that data is shared as much as possible, but above all, that it allows us to make the most actionable decisions possible,” says Elliott Guerin.

30 hours savings on average

According to a study conducted by Skello with its customers, its application saves an average of 30 hours per month in planning, administration and payroll, among other things.

But the publisher also believes it helps improve the employee experience in high-turnover professions.

“In this way, we hope to contribute to employee retention. »

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