Sker Ritual, Co-op Shooter Announced for 2022

Wales Interactive today announced a new cooperative first-person shooter titled Sker Ritual. The same “Sker” is already working on the adventure game Maid of Sker, the spiritual continuation of which it turns out to be! Coming to Xbox, PS and PC in late 2022, the first explosive trailer can be seen below.

This Sker Ritual will pick up the vibe of its predecessor, but with the sauce of action! It will be playable solo or with four players, with the number of opponents adjusted accordingly. They will be from Maid of Sker, but there will be new faces as well. They will force you to tailor your attacks, aided by the abundance of weapons available. There will be a setting that allows, among other things, to change masks (with multiple themes) or even lines of dialogue!

A seemingly classic action game calibrated for fans of this very dark atmosphere is coming… Wales has already announced new features that will be revealed in the coming months, so stay tuned!

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