Skydio raises $ 170 million for its X2 drone for the B2B market

Skydio raised $ 170 million. A Series D fundraiser that values ​​the drone maker at $ 1 billion and led by Andreessen Horowitz’s Growth Fund. Also contributed Linse Capital, Next47, IVP and the new investor UP. Partners, lists the Financial Times. The unicorn has raised a total of $ 340 million since its inception in 2014.

Inspection and monitoring

This financial contribution comes as Skydio moves away from the general public market to turn to the BtoB sector. As a first step, recalls TechCrunch, the nugget developed the R1 drone intended for the general public market. This drone can follow a target and film it while avoiding the various obstacles encountered in its path, all without human intervention. Then, in 2019, the start-up unveiled Skydio 2, a second drone being much cheaper than the first with enhanced capacities. Skills that allow Skydio to turn to professionals quite easily.

From now on, the unicorn intends to market drones to public and private actors, whether for construction companies, fire departments, construction specialists, etc. Its drones can perform inspection tasks on hard-to-reach structures such as bridges. For example, the North Carolina Department of Transportation uses Skydio drones to inspect the 13,500 bridges in its territory, including checking the underside of structures.

Going in this direction, Skydio announced during its previous fundraising of 100 million dollars carried out last July that this sum would help it to produce its X2 drone dedicated to the BtoB market. This drone is equipped with 7 cameras allowing the drone to fly and shoot night images. It is also equipped with autonomous piloting functions which greatly facilitate its use. The filmed images can be directly transferred to a platform and analyzed by software according to the needs of the companies.

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