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There are many powerful factions in Bethesda’s iconic RPG, but few are as mysterious as Skyrim’s Dark Brotherhood. This not-so-cheerful group of men is made up of the best killers in the area, and the recruitment process for new members is by invitation only. If you are here, you may have received an invitation, or perhaps you would like to, and we are here to let you know what awaits you.

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What is the Dark Brotherhood of Skyrim?

As we mentioned in the introduction, the Dark Brotherhood of Skyrim is a collection of elite assassins united in a ritual known as the Black Sacrament. This dark magic harnesses the power of the Night Mother – the favored god of the Dark Brotherhood – to answer the call of those who wish to recruit one of the group’s many assassins.

To join the Dark Brotherhood, you must first complete the Innocence Lost quest. To get this mission, you can either wait for a rumor from one of Skyrim’s innkeepers, or head straight to Aretino’s residence in Windhelm and put your lockpicking skills to the test. When you are in the big house, you must find the young Aventus Aretino and listen to his fate from the Honorhall orphanage, a child who asks you to kill his boss Grelod the Good.

As you may or may not know, there is a special set of armor that you can only obtain by completing the Dark Brotherhood quest “Find the Elder’s Killer”, with the caveat that you must also complete the additional requirement “Breach of Security”. quest. The set in question, officially known as Ancient Wrapped Armor, is visually identical to the regular Wrapped Armor associated with the Dark Brotherhood, but with an added benefit. You can find the effects of each PPE item below.

  • Ancient Wrapped Armor – Increases resistance to poison by 100%.
  • Ancient Wrapped Boots – Silent Movement
  • Ancient Wrapped Hood – Increases bow damage by 35%.
  • Ancient Wrapped Gloves – Double damage with one-handed sneak attack

As you can see from this list, Skyrim’s Dark Brotherhood armor is incredibly useful, especially for those who play stealth – I’m looking at you, comrade Khajiit. To find the armor, you need to go to the room behind the throne in the Witch’s End, and it will be available after completing the “Find the Ancient Assassin” quest we mentioned earlier.

Someone is performing a dark ritual to summon the Dark Brotherhood of Skyrim.

Dark Brotherhood Quests in Skyrim

With so many quests in Skyrim Dark Brotherhood, be it straight kills or get quests, there’s no point in setting up a walkthrough because we can’t tell you which quest route from your main menu can’t. However, we’ve listed all the quests for you as runners-up, so you can check them off as you progress.

  • Tied to death
  • security breach
  • Contract: Kill Anoriath
  • Contract: Kill Agnis
  • Contract: kill Baitild
  • Contract: Kill Deekus
  • Contract: Kill Ennodius Papias.
  • Contract: Kill Herne
  • Contract: Kill Helvard
  • Contract: Kill Lurbuk
  • Contract: Kill Maluril
  • Contract: Kill Ma’randru-jo
  • Contract: Kill Narfi
  • Contract: kill Safiya
  • the embodiment of death
  • delayed burial
  • Hey Sithis!
  • respect your family
  • Innocence is lost
  • Sorrow never comes
  • Sanctuary
  • Road to disaster
  • The cure for insanity
  • Dark Brotherhood forever
  • The silence has been broken
  • kill the empire
  • Where will you hang your enemy’s head
  • whispers in the dark
  • With such friends…
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Dark Brotherhood Mods for Skyrim

If you just don’t have enough in-game content for Skyrim Dark Brotherhood, then why not add more? We chose three killer mods – right? – for you to continue your journey with the greatest assassins in the region. You can check them out below.

Screenshot with Astrid as a companion from Your Choices Matter Skyrim Dark Brotherhood mod

Your Choice Matters – Dark Brotherhood Expansion Pack

The only problem that many Skyrim players have when completing the Dark Brotherhood quests is that with the seemingly massive nature of the events unfolding, your actions do not have much bearing on the game’s story or ending. as you can probably guess, things are a little different, and the fate of the Assassins Guild is in line with the fate of Skyrim as a whole. It certainly adds a sense of extra tension to these deadly missions and is well worth a try for any Skyrim superfan.

Fight the Hidden Enemy with Magic in the Skyrim Dark Brotherhood Mod Save the Dark Brotherhood

Save the Dark Brotherhood

This mod reverses one of the Dark Brotherhood’s greatest quests, Death Incarnate, allowing you to rescue your fellow assassins from Margot’s agents. What’s more, after the Save the Dark Brotherhood key event, everyone you save will be happy to either follow you or marry you in gratitude for saving their lives.

Strange purple room with hanging signs in the Skyrim Dark Brotherhood Brotherhood of Old mod

Brotherhood of yesteryear

If you’re hungry for more after completing all the Dark Brotherhood quests, there are 24 more quests available to you thanks to The Brotherhood of Old mod. This creation picks up where Bethesda left off with Assassins Skyrim, bringing you even more dangerous missions, bigger battles, and a storyline you won’t believe wasn’t written by the original developer.

That’s all you need to know about Skyrim’s Dark Brotherhood. To find killer jams to help you on your killing quest, check out our YouTube Music and Spotify download guides.

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