Skyrim gets more content as ChatGPT spawns new quests

There are two main reasons why The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim continues to be hugely popular to this day; primarily because it’s an absolutely brilliant game, but also because it’s the last main game in the series despite being released in 2011.

Probably very few of us thought when the classic RPG came out that the AI ​​could create an endless amount of quests for us. Few things are more fun than AI today, and ChatGPT is probably the most popular, helping you with everything from getting the best peanut butter cookie recipes to doing homework to writing exciting movie scripts.

YouTuber Joov realized that the latter could be perfect for an RPG and decided to integrate ChatGPT into Skyrim. At first, this mostly resulted in boring pick quests, but after a few tweaks, Joov suddenly had an endless stream of content.

You can check the result below. This could be a hint of a future where your game will no longer necessarily have the same content as your friends, with AI that personalizes the adventure for you. It also unlocks games that never run out of content as there will always be new quests.

Does this sound good to you?

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