Slack messaging service down around the world

The outage began around 10:00 a.m. Eastern Time and interrupted service to Canada in particular. (Photo: Scott Webb for Unsplash)

Slack, a messaging service used by millions of people for work and study, suffered a global outage on Monday, the first day back to the office – virtual – for most people after the New Year’s break. Year.

This new problem linked to a technological tool shows how disruptive technical difficulties can be when millions of people depend on a few services to work and “go to school” from their homes during the pandemic.

The company has stopped publishing its daily user count after surpassing 12 million last year.

“Our team is currently investigating and we are sorry for any issues this may cause,” Slack said in a statement.

The outage began around 10 a.m. Eastern Time and interrupted service to Canada, the United States, Germany, India, the United Kingdom, Japan and elsewhere.

Slack clarified at around 12:30 p.m. on that the issue was still largely present, but some people might start to see an improvement when signing in to Slack after refreshing their page. Further updates will be posted on the site, the company said.

Internet service outages are not uncommon, are usually resolved relatively quickly, and are rarely the result of hacking or other intentional mischief. Google experienced a brief service disruption in December, as residents of several countries could no longer access their Gmail accounts, watch YouTube videos or access their documents online.

In August, Zoom also had problems as many students started the school year at home. And in September, Microsoft services experienced an outage that lasted five hours.

Slack is being acquired by for US $ 27.7 billion. The deal aims to give the two companies a better chance to compete with Microsoft’s long-standing industrial might.

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