Smite to receive RuneScape crossover next week

Smite has become one of the best games for finding wacky crossovers, having teamed up with the Mutant Ninja Turtles, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Stranger Things, Transformers, Nickelodeon, RWBY and more in the past as a third-person MOBA. Now, to add to that list, another wacky crossover that sees RuneScape take to the battlefield of the gods.

Debuting in Smite next week, a roster of skins will become available as part of the collaboration, each transforming a specific God into a sort of RuneScape character. There are skins; The Black Dragon King Cerberus, Bellona’s rune armor, the wise old man Merlin, the dwarf child Vamana, and the blessed Dragonskin Neith.

Take a look at all the skins in action, as well as the themed trailer, all in the trailer below, ahead of the crossover launching November 15th.

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