Snapchat offers Vertebrae and relies on augmented reality shopping

Snap continues to gain strength in the field of e-commerce. The parent company of the Snapchat social network is increasing its acquisitions to expand its offer which combines online commerce and augmented reality. The latest transaction involves the acquisition of Vertebrae, a company that allows brands to create and manage 3D versions of their products, as The Verge reports. The cost of the operation was not disclosed by those concerned.

3D modeling and in-app purchases

We are excited to join Snap to strengthen and grow our 3D platform for retailers and brands., Vince Cacace, CEO of Vertebrae, told The Verge. The future of augmented reality commerce is bright and we will continue to make it easier to create, manage and deploy augmented reality experiences for our partners. “. Vertebrae’s 3D platform allows brands to create 3D models of their products. Then, Snapchat shoppers can best visualize the product and how it wears it. The objective is to promote online shopping.

Early testing of augmented reality shopping experiences, such as the recent collaboration with Gucci on a limited-edition pair of sneakers, shows that users are more inclined to purchase after virtually trying the product. The Vertebrae team, made up of 50 people, will continue to develop its tools independently, said a spokesperson for Snap.

A series of acquisitions

Snap is increasing acquisitions. The social network recently spent $ 500 million to get its hands on WaveOptics, the screen supplier behind the technology embedded in its Spectacles 4 augmented reality glasses. An acquisition that follows that of Fit Analytics, a company that develops tools that help choose the right size for a garment when shopping online.

The acquisition of Vertebrae is in line with the ambitions of Snap, which wants to become a staple in e-commerce. In addition to increasing traffic to its application, this strategy could pay off at other levels. By democratizing the use of augmented reality in online shopping experiences, Snap could expand the use of its Spectacles glasses to more customers. Above all, the increase in traffic and purchases through its platform can allow it to gain market share in advertising.

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