Snoop Dogg talks about his biggest defeat ever!

you all know Snoop Dogg for his music and also for his style gangsta rap. But no que… when we hear the name Snoop, we are thinking straight about one thing: the consumption of cannabis. He and his friend Visa Khalifa the biggest smokers the game, and away! They also proved it well with their joint films called Mac + Davis. GB To Height schoolA film based primarily on weed and school.

The legendary 51-year-old rapper was invited by Tom Brady and Larry Fitzgeraldin the podcast”Let’s GB!”. In this last Snoop dog Dogg interrogated, the fateful question came… What was your biggest thrill? The rapper, without any tongue, replied: “With Willie, damn it, Nelson. We were both in Amsterdam on April 20 (4/20) and he had a concert there. He was on stage on the 19th and I on the 20th. went back to the hotel together and we played dominoes. Willie had a vapo, a joint, I had a joint, and he had a pipe. So we played dominoes against each other. He kicks me and I’m just a stoner And he keeps giving me weed and I’m like “That old bastard is smoking me” and I try to stop but I can’t because I don’t want to show any sign of weakness. a quarter of an hour, I tell him “Willy, we need to go get some food, man” at KFC, and here we are in the back of the van, and when the Bucket is brought to us in the driveway – through, Willy and I put our hands in the bucket at the same time. And caught the same tenders. And so I look, and I say to him: ‘That’s your neck in!’ “.

Congratulations to the 89 year old country singer who beat Snoop to the ground!

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