Social networks. Twitter: Elon Musk will restore almost all blocked accounts

In the name of freedom of expression, Elon Musk has decided to grant a “total amnesty” to the accounts that have so far been banned by Twitter – “a polite way of saying that he has chosen to welcome some of his worst and most harmful users,” according to The New York Times. Edge.

Under previous leadership, Twitter worked “with great difficulty” for years to “exclude” users from the platform for “gross abuse, harassment and misinformation,” the site adds.

But “people have spoken out,” Elon Musk said on Thursday after organizing a user survey — similar to the one that reinstated Donald Trump last week. On Wednesday, the billionaire asked his followers if they would be willing to offer “a general amnesty to suspended accounts, as long as they did not break the law and did not contribute to outright spam.”

On Thursday evening, more than 3 million users spoke, 72.4% of them were in favor of an amnesty. “Vox populi, vox Dei” (“The voice of the people is the voice of God”), Musk tweeted, promising an amnesty next week, even though “such polls are unscientific and can easily be influenced by bots,” Politico notes.

Significant platform impact

“The massive return of users who have been expelled for wrongdoing, such as violent threats, harassment or misinformation, will have a significant impact on the platform,” according to The Washington Post.

An American daily is wondering how this “resurrection” will be handled, knowing that Musk hasn’t defined what he means by “outright spam” or how he intends to identify users who have “violated the law” – the concept “varies greatly depending on countries”. and jurisdiction.”

Musk’s tweet also doesn’t explain “how Twitter will handle content moderation in the future, now that potentially problematic votes are back on the platform,” adds TechCrunch.

Elon Musk has promised to create a “diversified board to help make important content moderation decisions” after the takeover of Twitter. But on Tuesday, the billionaire backtracked on his promise, accusing “groups of political activists” of violating the so-called “agreement” — “a claim no one has been able to back up,” according to the site.

Chilled out advertisers

For CNN, “the decision to reinstate countless once-banned accounts could further chill advertisers, many of whom have left the platform” after she moved on to Musk “for fear that their ads would be displayed next to objectionable content.” Volkswagen, General Motors and General Mills no longer tweet.

But the main victim of Elon Musk’s decision may well be democracy itself, the Financial Times warns. In acquiring Twitter, “Musk’s ambition was to create a ‘general digital public square.’ But the squares are also full of thugs, criminals and propagandists who threaten the public good.

“Maximum freedom of speech is not always compatible with minimal democracy” and “social media with poorly moderated content can have dire consequences in the real world,” adds a British headline that worries “the most fragile democracies.”

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