Social. Unemployment insurance reform: Pôle employment agents fear attacks

Although the decree that toughened the calculation of unemployment benefit on October 1 was published this Thursday in the Official Gazette, France inter reveals that the Pôle employment agencies, in Ile-de-France in particular, are preparing for the risks of attacks on your employees. agents by beneficiaries.

According to an internal memorandum entitled “Security Action Plan” that France Inter was able to consult, an order was placed “for the Ile-de-France region for 695 bracelets to activate the alert in case of danger”. To these bracelets “are added a hundred boxes equipped with a multi-tone siren and a flash” whose objective is “to allow the agents to report an assault or discourtesy” of which they would be victims.

The new rules for calculating unemployment benefit are controversial.

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The unions believe that the new method of calculating the daily reference wage (SJR), the basis of the subsidy, will penalize job seekers who alternate unemployment and activity, “those allowed.”

According to an evaluation carried out in April by Unédic, up to 1.15 million people who opened rights in the year following the entry into force of the reform would receive a lower monthly allowance (by 17% on average), with at the same time a extension “Theoretical duration of compensation” (14 months on average compared to 11 before the reform).

The Ministry of Labor questions this figure, underlining that it does not take into account the improvement in the economic situation as well as the “behavioral effects” expected from the reform.

Decided in July 2019, the reform was suspended in light of the Covid-19 crisis and later modified.

The CGT, FO, CFDT, CFE-CGC and CFTC have already indicated that they will attack the new text.

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