Solidigm P41 Plus QLC NVMe SSD

The old division of Intel SSD, which was sold in 2021, now Solidigm this week introduced its new P41 Plus QLC NVMe SSD. The Solidigm SSD delivers sequential read speeds up to 4125MB/s and is available in 512GB, 1TB, and 2TB in M.2 2280 form factor. The P41 Plus QLC NVMe SSD is based on the Silicon Motion SM2269XT controller and is also available in OEM manufacturers in sizes 2230 and 2242 and has 144layer 3D NAND memory.

“In order to reinforce Solidigm’s ambition to become the new paradigm in solid state storage, the company has invested heavily in storage software to provide the best possible user experience. The result is Solidigm Synergy software, an optional but highly recommended package that includes both a storage driver and a Windows application with robust disk health monitoring tools. The Solidigm storage driver supports hostmanaged caching by monitoring usage patterns to identify highpriority data, keeping the most important items in the cache, and enabling faster reads as the disk fills up.”


“Whether you’re playing the latest PC games, running a business, or editing family photos, Solidigm P41 Plus delivers the performance that matters to end users while delivering incredible value,” said Sanjay Talreja, CEO, Client Products Group. and solutions. “Powered by innovative software, the Solidigm P41 Plus delivers an exceptional combination of price and performance and an improved software user interface that makes our unique value proposition.”

Unfortunately, there is no information on pricing or availability worldwide yet, but as soon as information is available, we will, as always, keep you updated.

Source: TPU: Solidigma

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