Sonede: Several districts in Seinan have had their water cut off from tonight until Sunday 7th August – Kapitalis

The National Water Exploitation and Distribution Company (Sonede) announced interruptions and reductions in the distribution of drinking water from tonight, Friday, August 5, 2022, in several areas of the Seinan delegation in the province of Bizerte, with a return to normal. scheduled for Sunday 7 August from noon.

In its press release, Sonede indicates that these expected disruptions in the areas of Tamra, El Hinia Om Tabel, El Kanania, Blaket, El Hechachna, Sakman and in some high delegation areas will be caused by repair work after a registered accident on the canal connecting Ezayatin dam with a water treatment plant in Seinan.

The resumption of water supply will be carried out gradually, on Sunday, August 7, from noon, after the completion of work, Sonede adds.


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