Song in The Smoke on PlayStation VR, THE real GOTY 2021

how to play

As a reminder, Song in the smoke is a wilderness survival game in which you will have to face a whole series of dangers such as cold, hunger, poisoning, attack by wild animals and the mysteries of the night. What is the purpose of all this? It will be very difficult to explain without spoiling the story. What we can say, however, is that Song in the Smoke is not very generous in staging or narration. There will be some animations at the heart of each level but these will be very much geared towards your future fights rather than the goal of teaching you more about the stage. The latter, therefore, may seem anecdotal, but it will make sense at the end of the adventure.

At the beginning you will wake up alone without knowing where you are, greeted by a strange three-headed crow but, curiously, it will be your guide at the beginning. You will start with a short tutorial that will teach you the basic concepts that many times you will have to repeat in the order in which they are presented to you, your first objective will be to collect the stones of the chants. Fairly easy to spot and three in number, they will be scattered in different places on the map. You will be able to discover them with the naked eye or by straining your ears thanks to the light melody they emit.

You will have to go through each environment blindly equipped with a simple map, a bow and a club, otherwise it is up to you to look around for something to create fire and shelter to be able to pass peacefully at night. . Because the day-night cycle is important. It is also quite short, especially when you will need to perform various tasks that will also be time consuming. Very important factor to manage, the time of a day lasts on average about fifteen minutes and the same for the night. If at the beginning there is really no difference between day and night, the more you advance in the adventure and the more it will be essential to manage your time and this cycle well.

If the day is going well, the sky is clear, the sun is caressing your skin and the birds are singing, it is not really the time to go sightseeing as you will have to be aware of absolutely everything around you. The number one concern remains hunger, which must be satisfied as regularly as possible and in many different ways by consuming berries, mushrooms or gourmet dishes: The meat. At the beginning of the game, you may have a hard time killing a poor fawn that is calmly drinking from the river. Later in the game, your main, beastly side will take over and you will do much less to feel because you will be regularly attacked by everything around you. And the more love he holds, it’s them or me.

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