Sonic Prime: A first look at the Netflix animated series

Shares of Netflix have fallen over the past month after news of the streaming service’s first loss of subscribers in 10 years. That hasn’t stopped leaders from giving the green light to several productions, including Sonic Prime: an animated series aimed at young audiences starring Sega’s blue hedgehog.

Expected later this year, Sonic Prime puts the mythical character at the center of “a high-octane adventure that puts the fate of a strange new multiverse in his gloved hands.” Following the worldwide success of Sonic 2 at the box office, Netflix realizes that small-screen video game adaptations are also full of potential. Until you cancel everything after one or two seasons…

Here is an overview of the cast of this animated series, which confirms the presence of many characters from the Sonic universe:

  • Griffin Poitou (Sonic)
  • Jillian Michaels (Tails)
  • Michael Dangerfield (Dr. Eggman)
  • Adrian Petriv (Hedgehog Shadow)
  • Brian Drummond (Locke the Echidna)
  • Sam Vincent (Metal Sonic)
  • Kira TozerAmy
  • Michael Adamthwaite (spy)
  • Scott McNeil (Omega)
  • Janice Jaud (Bat Rouge)
  • Cole Howard (Silver the Hedgehog)
  • Kelly Sheridan (Blaze the Cat)
  • Ian James Corlett (Coconuts)
  • Trevor DevallNuckles
  • Adam Nurada (Knuckles)

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