Sonos Sub Mini, plug-in subwoofer for small spaces –

We’ve been hearing about the Sonos Sub Mini for months now. Now the device is official. As expected, the subwoofer is compact and cheaper than the Sub Gen 3, but offers powerful bass, according to the company.

Small but strong

The Sub Mini differs in design from other Sonos products. It is small (23 x 30.5 x 30.5 cm), cylindrical in shape with an oval slit in the middle.

Due to its size, the box is obviously designed for small to medium sized rooms and is designed to boost the bass of an existing setup, particularly with Beam and Ray soundbars or Sonos One and Symfonisk speakers.

Despite its compact size, the Sub Mini promises powerful bass thanks to two 6-inch (15 cm) woofers placed face-to-face, which also eliminates unwanted vibrations, explains Sonos.

Two Class D digital amplifiers power the unit, which is also compatible with TruePlay calibration and a customizable equalizer that enhances audio reproduction. The company claims that its new subwoofer can generate frequencies up to 25 Hz, which means that it does not cover the entire range of frequencies audible to humans, but almost.

The Sonos Sub Mini will go on sale October 6 for €499.


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