Sons of the Forest: How to get the best armor in the game?

In a quality title like Sons of the Forest, artifacts, gear, and weapons to find or upgrade are always a plus for you to progress as you play. new adventure game in early access.

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In order to advance in the main story of Sons of the Forest, it is best to build durable equipment that will accompany us during our adventures. This helps to better absorb hits and pushes from the opponent when the game gets tougher. So what could be better than the best armor to continue your quest in the best conditions? The golden armor is definitely the ultimate goal and one of the key elements of the adventure. So how to find it? We tell you everything!

The Importance of Golden Armor in Sons of the Forest

Golden armor is the most powerful and hardest to get in the history of Sons of the Forest. In addition to being indestructible, equipment is primarily needed to access the end of the adventure. Indeed, the gauntlet of this armor is the key that will open one of the Island’s doors for the rest of the game.

Obtaining the armor is not an easy task given the various stages that await players. First, you must obtain access cards, which require a shovel search. This means that you should have received diving gear and a rope gun. Then we can start looking for the best Sons of the Forest gear.

How to find golden armor in Sons of the Forest?

Once access cards are available, as well as a rope pistol and a diving suit in his arsenal, finding the golden armor becomes just a quest story. In other words, it’s about heading and entering the giant complex that is in the cave that will be indicated on the map.

The golden armor is located on the 2nd level of the giant complex, which must be completed. However, you will need to not get lost when all the doors are facing you. To do this, you need to avoid the first 2 doors and go to the 3rd one. Once inside, we find the armor lying on the couch, waiting to be taken away and added to the artillery weapon.

Not far from there, you can also add a katana to your equipment in Sons of the Forest. Not very difficult, just exit the room by turning left and basically look at it, put the display on and just lift it up. On the other hand, moving up the levels gives you the opportunity to use other interesting equipment. For example, progressing to level 5 will allow you to recover the golden mask and complete your gear.

To find the golden mask and complete the outfit of his golden armor, you need to go down the corridor to the morgue behind the open door on the left. Our item is right under the body bag, so we pick it up and she protects us from enemies just by holding it in front of her face.

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