Sony and Manchester City Metaverse Revealed –

The two organizations took the opportunity of the traditional CES meeting in Las Vegas this week to discuss in more detail their project to build a metaverse football stadium, the first of its kind in the world.

A little more than a year after its announcement, the public had an idea of ​​​​how the metaverse being built by Sony should look like with the Manchester City football club (Man City) as the main plot. The electronics giant has taken a fresh look at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this week in Las Vegas, USA.

The project, centered around the Etihad Stadium, the British team’s stadium owned by the sovereign wealth fund of the United Arab Emirates, highlights in particular the opportunity for fans to experience exciting moments in this 55,000-seat sports arena.

Virtual Entertainment

The video shown at CES shows virtual avatars in the stadium, marking the actions of the players seen from almost every possible angle on the occasion. Others are seen walking on the lawn during the game. So many moments impossible to reproduce in the traditional universe.

Sony relies, of course, on Man City players to achieve its goals. So the electronic team worked in another clip projected at CES to collect images of three of them, in this case the Spaniard America Laporta, the Argentinian Julián Alvarez and the Swiss Manuel Akanji, to reproduce them in 3D using only seven. digital sensors.

The result of each of these players is not bad. But we could ask for more, according to American tech news site The Verge.

Affect compelling visuals

Digital entertainment does remain visually unappealing, judging by the quality of the images presented in the music video. But the concept of the metaverse relies heavily on this aspect. After all, it’s about making the virtual as real as possible.

Sony, which has made no secret of its ambitions in this area, certainly has the resources needed for a more impressive project. On this depends its success in the context of the multiplication of initiatives concerning the metaverse, which has become a new field of competition for technology players.

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