Sony DualSense Edge, PS5’s answer to Xbox Elite Series tablets – STUFF Magazine

It’s all about personalization…

Let’s be clear: the standard DualSense controller is anything but standard. But the DualSense Edge packs even more features into this iconic black and white case.

Xbox has offered Premium Elite versions of its wireless pad since the Xbox One days, but PlayStation hasn’t offered anything like it so far. Although the DualSense Edge looks similar to the standard DualSense, it is fully customizable. Button inputs can be remapped and disabled, and analog sticks and triggers can be adjusted for sensitivity and dead zones, which is especially useful in competitive shooters.

There are three types of interchangeable joysticks and two sets of back buttons, so you should be able to find the combination that works best for you. Control profiles can be saved depending on the game and swapped when you play something else. A dedicated Fn button allows you to switch between different control presets without leaving the game, as well as adjust the volume and balance of the chat.
And, as you’d expect, the DualSense Edge has all the same features as its less advanced sibling, such as adaptive triggers, haptic feedback, and a built-in microphone that’s especially handy when playing Stray (meow).

There is no word on price or launch date yet.

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