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Earlier this summer, a PlayStation developer lollipop shot He said that, despite months of rumors to the contrary, no one – neither he nor the other developer – commented on either. An evil cooper or privileges with a bad reputation. Right now the studio is focusing on what is most likely the file Ghost of Tsushima And two of the franchises that helped the company establish itself as the lead developer of the PlayStation are on hold and likely to stay that way for another two years. And while news like this doesn’t usually come as a surprise, those stings are a bit bigger than usual because the franchise is 20 years old now.

Foxy Cooper and Thievius Raccoon was released for the PlayStation 2 on September 23, 2002. Sly Cooper comes from a family of master thieves and with the help of his crew – Bentley, the smart turtle, and Murray, the hippopotamus – travels the world to get pages from his title book from the family of the gang that killed his father and left him an orphan. Like most games where the protagonist played as an animal at the time, “Sinister Trick” was a platform where each of the game’s five axis areas contained levels where a key was waiting at the end to be used to force Sly to fight. with the head of the region and restore the page from his family notebook. These pages will then lead to new mechanics to increase his inventory of thieves.

Despite being praised by reviews as a solid platform game, the game did not sell well at first, but it eventually sold enough copies to join the PlayStation’s Greatest Hits lineup. With that success came two series, both sold and getting pretty good reviews: 2004 Band of Thieves Bentley and Murray create fully playable characters (switching through the safe bunker at each location) with their own missions as the trio make a series of flights through glory. Honor Among Thieves, near release in 2005, the trio expanded their gang to reach the Cooper Dynasty Sanctuary, although these characters were only playable in a few missions under certain circumstances.

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The biggest issue has been the franchise’s malevolent guile, often overshadowed by its brothers in arms, Insomniac Games Questions and Rattling and Naughty Dog’s Jack and Daxter. Although the three franchises were lumped together due to their initial shared status as standard platforms, Malicious Trick was fundamentally superior to Trinity and didn’t help Jack And The Questions target a slightly older audience. While their heroes are (initially) a mute midget with a weasel on his shoulder and a talking cat with a backpack, respectively, these franchises’ emphasis on guns, a bit of mischievous humor, and teen ratings were much more flattering than E for All Adventures. criminal raccoon, turtle and hippopotamus.

But while the Sly Cooper franchise didn’t have an edge over its counterparts, it made up for it with style. It was the way the games lived up to the animation, naming each location as an “episode” with a flashy card and title, as if you were watching a cartoon after you got home from school. Along with the shaded cutscenes that gave a rundown of the villain, who was usually just an ordinary person who chose to turn to crime out of sheer malice, it was little things like comic book sound effects appearing when enemies were defeated, or how steps would be emphasized. guitar plucks as they sneak up on guards or across rooftops. Even though stealth games and crime games remain quite popular in the industry, there is nothing quite like Sly Cooper right now.

After Honor Among Thieves wrapped up the trilogy, things got… weird for the franchise. Sucker Punch ushered in the PlayStation 3 era with its superhero saga Infamous, and the question of whether the studio would ever return to Sly was answered once and never again. In 2013, Sanzaru Games brought the series back with Thieves in Time, which was… well, from what I remember, but I definitely didn’t play it as much as the previous games. A trailer came out the following year. Computer graphics editing However, from Rainmaker and Blockade Entertainment, it looks damn good. (Except for Murray, there’s something about his proportions and the feel of his face.) Unfortunately, this movie slowly fell apart before it was finally canceled, thanks in part to the box office failure of The Rainmaker. Questions about cinema and crashing.

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So where has that privilege gone now? As for the game, as mentioned earlier, it is currently on hold; But there was a knock at Last years About the TV show in production from Playstation Studios. Considering how hard Sony tries to make their games Small screens and silver screens– they make Gravity Dash movie about everything again Close The studio that created this series is non-negotiable, and it wouldn’t be entirely out of place given that malicious TV deception has a core code in its DNA. But even though I’m looking forward to it, I think it’s best to cheat the malicious Game first. Like what fail no matter what As a reminder of what made Questions and Clinks So Special so special, it would be a mistake to bring back the Cooper Gang without giving them another chance to steal players’ hearts with a new game.

You can play Malicious Trick Stream games if you have a premium PlayStation Plus tier.

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