Sony has sold nearly 8 million PlayStation 5 consoles

The success of the PlayStation 5 (PS5) continues with 7.8 million consoles sold in less than 6 months, according to what Sony revealed in its latest company earnings report.

Launched in the midst of a pandemic, the new console allowed Sony’s video game division to record the best quarter in its history.

The NPD group, an American company specializing in market research, indicated two weeks ago that the PS5 was the console that sold the most in the first five months of availability.

Demand for the PS5 still far exceeds the company’s supply, according to the magazine. The Verge.

The PlayStation 4, meanwhile, sold just over a million copies in the last quarter, bringing the total number of consoles purchased to 115.9 million since 2014.

There are also more people subscribed to PlayStation Plus – which allows you to play online in particular. The service now has 47.6 million users, an increase of 14.7% year on year.

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