Sony interested in an esport betting platform

After the takeover of the biggest fighting game competition, the EVO, filed a patent in order to have its own esports betting portal.

Was Sony’s takeover of the EVO just the beginning? A “New” patent for set up an esports betting platform tends to prove it.

“New”, because if it has been published in the month of May 2021, the deposit date of 2019. The main goal? Allow players to bet their money, their bitcoins or digital items, with a system of ratings established by the technique of machine learning, during live matches.

To see what foals are worth, the principle would be to collect their data, individually or as a team, and thus realize the popularity, the probability that such and such will have of winning etc. This monitoring could take place by observing a game, or by referring to the entire history of a competitor and his record. However, the odds obtained by this learning may not be followed, leaving you to set your own.

Besides the simple win / loss predictions, of score, you could bet on a player’s fail at a specific time Or on an action. Ex: a grenade will kill one or more people. Finally, the patent mentions bets against strangers or your friends.

As usual, this is a patent and nothing says it will actually apply in X months or years.

Are you interested in such a system?


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