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Sony is introducing Inzone today. It is a new brand of gaming equipment for PC gamers. According to a press release, this new range of accessories will further immerse you in the game, “heighten your senses” and “maximize your gaming experience.”

“The market has expanded: the expansion of esports tournaments and wider match broadcasting has increased interest in games,” Sony introduces. In this regard, the Japanese company decided to launch a new line. The latter aims to offer additional options for players looking to restore their current gaming hardware.

New gaming monitor

In this new lineup, the “HDR Inzone M9” monitor offers 4K resolution and local dimming. Local dimming improves the black aspect of the screen. And this is by making the dark parts even darker. The monitor screen also boasts a 144Hz refresh rate and a one-millisecond gray-to-gray response time.

Please note that the measurement in milliseconds indicates the response speed of the LCD screen. Thus, the gray to gray response time determines the time taken to transition between two gray levels. The faster the response time, the smoother and smoother the image will be. In other words, the fewer milliseconds, the better. According to Sony, this tool is for gamers who are looking for “the best gaming experience with deep blacks and detail in highlights.” The M3 gaming monitor offers an even faster refresh rate of 240Hz in Full HD and 1ms gray to gray.

Monitor M3. Credits: Sony

In addition, thanks to the FPS display mode, “brightness and contrast are optimized to see opponents clearly,” Sony boasts. The Black Equalizer feature brings out the finest details, even in shadow areas. Please note that FPS determines the number of frames per second. It is an abbreviation for “frames per second” in English.

Features for gamers

The series auto KVM switch is a USB hub auto switch. Namely, that a USB hub, also called a “hub”, allows you to connect multiple USB peripherals to your computer’s USB port at the same time. It concentrates the peripherals on one pillar and relays the information sent by the computer to all other connected peripherals. The hub does not distinguish which port a frame should be sent to; which can cause blockages. A switch, also called a “switch”, directly selects the port that traffic is going to and forwards information from one device to another.

In short, this switch allows users to “control two PCs from one set of keyboard, mouse and headset by connecting them to a monitor,” the statement explains.

Three new helmets

Another novelty: two wireless headsets. First, the Inzone H9 offers 32 hours of battery life and multiple noise-canceling microphones. The second, H7, has 40 hours of battery life. The range also includes the Inzone H3 wired headset.

Helmet H9.

All three have a 360-Degree Spatial Sound feature. The statement says that with the help of the Inzone Hub PC software, it “plays spatial audio from a multi-channel source.” For its part, the “360 Spatial Sound Personalization” smartphone app allows gamers to enjoy “spatial sound optimized for the shape of their ears.”

Wired headphones H3. Credits: Sony

At what price

The M9 monitor will be available this summer for €1,099. Sony will announce M3 availability and pricing during 2022. The headsets will go on sale in July. H9 for €300, H7 for €230 and H3 for €100.

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