Sony: new True Wireless earphones and noise reduction headphones at 150 €

Sony and consumer audio have a long history. The Japanese manufacturer is known for having revolutionized audio with the invention of the portable cassette player, the famous Walkman (even if the story behind this device is more complex than it seems). But the Japanese giant has also developed other famous products such as the MDR-3 headphones in 1979 or the MDR NC10 earphones with noise reduction since 1995.

More recently, the brand has met with great success with its wireless headphones and True Wireless 1000XM3 headphones, two high-end models which are also included in our rankings of the best headsets and the best True Wireless headphones of the moment. Now, the brand is renewing its mid-range with three new references, the totally wireless WF-XB700 headphones, the active noise reduction headphones WH-CH710N and finally the “neckband” headphones WI-SP510.

Sony True Wireless WF-XB700 Headphones

Let’s start with the in-ear headphones, WF-XB700 which adopt a fairly conventional design, they are rather impressive but that did not prevent their big brothers the 1000XM3 from being quite comfortable. The XB700s feature Sony’s EXTRA BASS function which is said to deliver deeper bass and “beautiful voice reproduction” according to the company.

They are also IPX4 certified for resistance to sweat, rain and splashing water, a very important point that is lacking in the 1000XM3. Thanks to this, it will be possible to play sports with these headphones. The XB700 also integrates voice assistants from Google and Apple. Sony announces a battery life of 9 hours, and an additional 9 hours with the charging box, which has a USB-C port.

  • WF-XB700 in-ear headphones will be available in France April 21 at a price of 150 euros.

Sony WH-CH710N headphones, with active noise reduction

The Sony WH-CH710N may be a mid-range headset, but it still has an active noise reduction system. It also has the function “Ambient Sound” from Sony to reinforce the surrounding noises using the built-in microphones, such as the noise of cars or the sound of announcements in a station, history of not being completely cut off from the world.

The battery provides a good 35 hours of battery life and fast charging provides 60 minutes of music playback in 10 minutes. In terms of design, it’s very classic. It may lack a bit of originality but in any case, the essential is there since the helmet remains foldable. For the connection, note the possibility of quickly pairing by NFC. Finally, unlike its big brother the 1000XM3, this helmet adopts physical and not tactile controls.

  • WH-CH710N is available now at the recommended price of 150 €.

Sony WI-SP510 Headphones

Designed for athletes, the WI-SP510 are “round-the-neck” in-ear headphones (with a sort of headband around the neck) certified IPX5 to resist (even more than the XB700) splashes of water. Also equipped with the EXTRA BASS function, they allow you to enjoy your music for fifteen hours according to the brand and are compatible with personal assistants from Google and Apple.

  • Cheaper than previous models, the WI-SP510 are available now at the rate of 80 €.

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