Sony PlayStation VR2 is so new generation that it is not compatible with PSVR1 games

It’s not just the price of the PSVR2 that concerns gamers. Sony’s new VR headset won’t run games from the previous model.

Regularly criticized for sometimes risqué communication, Sony’s video game division missed an opportunity to rebuild its image. A week after the first very encouraging reviews of his PSVR2, bad news began to rain down. Sony’s new VR headset will not be compatible with previous PSVR1 games. It was Hideaki Nishino, VP of Platform Operations at Playstation, who was in charge of calming down the gamers. During an appearance at the Tokyo Games Show, a Sony spokesperson stated that “Playstation VR games will not be compatible with Playstation VR2 because Playstation VR 2 is designed to be a true next generation virtual experience.” Buyers of older PSVRs will appreciate it.

Invalid Argument

Why is backwards compatibility impossible? Hideaki Nishino did not provide details about this unexpected PSVR2 limitation. But, reading the datasheets of the two VR headsets, only one element justifies Sony’s choice. This is Passthrough Technology, PSVR2’s exclusive tracking system. Indeed, its predecessor relies on the camera to perform the same operation, but does this difference in materials really get in the way? Indeed, the vast majority of the PSVR1 catalog consists of dematerialized games, so they can be updated at any time.

This is obviously bad news for PSVR owners who are now forced to invest in a new VR headset in addition to the PS5 if they want to enjoy a new gaming experience.

New helmet, new features?

Unfortunately for gamers, Sony isn’t making the first move when it comes to bad backwards compatibility. However, the PS5 maker seems to have learned from its mistakes with the release of its latest console. Indeed, games like God of War: Ragnarok or Horizon: Forbidden West were offered with the same level of requirements on both platforms.

Despite the first very positive reviews, the start of PSVR2’s career is difficult. In addition to the backwards compatibility issue, players will no doubt have to come to terms with a second major hurdle: price. Indeed, as the days approach the release of Sony’s new VR headset, its price seems to be rising. First priced this summer at around €399 (just like the PSVR1 when it launched), it could also be hit by component price inflation. Thus, according to the latest rumors, the PSVR price will fluctuate between 450 and 550 euros. Recall that the price of the standard version of PS5 in recent days has increased from 499 to 549 euros. We’re betting that if Sony sells this new headset without a catalog of games for the price of its console, her early career could be tough.

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