Sony promises enough PS5s on shelves by Christmas

Sony has released its annual commercial report. (will open in a new tab) and not happy about it. The company says game sales and community engagement have declined over the past twelve months. This is at a “much lower level than we expected in our previous forecasts.”

As a result, the group says it intends to “take steps to improve player appeal in the second half of 2022” during which major titles, including exclusives, are expected to hit the market. But not only. Because Sony intends to “increase the inventory of the PlayStation 5 and better promote the new PlayStation Plus service.”

Sony plans to sell 18 million PS5 units during this period. This optimism is due to “the resumption of production in Shanghai and a significant improvement in the supply of components.” Sony hopes to be able to increase shipments and even increase them before Christmas.

This isn’t the first time Sony has talked about increasing production this year. Last June, Veronica Rogers, Head of Global Sales and Business Operations at SIE, told “We expect a significant increase in PS5 production in 2022 and are working tirelessly to keep the PlayStation 5 available to everyone who wants it. “

Since the console was launched in November 2020, stock shortages have continued to dampen demand. Despite this shortage, the console continues to sell, with 21.7 million units sold worldwide. However, it should be noted that supply problems are affecting Sony. The Xbox Series console family has reportedly recently started outselling the PS5 in Japan, which is no trivial matter.

Does the PS5 have a future?

This news is at least promising for those who are still desperately looking for a PS5. However, we can reasonably expect this to be a steady rise in affordability, rather than a mountain of Sony consoles on the shelf.

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger said back in May 2022 that the global semiconductor shortage that affected console production could actually persist into 2024.

But the context promises to definitely improve. Along with this news from Sony, Valve announced this week that by fixing supply chain issues, it could increase Steam Deck production and fill all reserves by the end of 2022.

Overall, things are looking better, and hopefully with Sony’s component restrictions loosening in Shanghai, we’ll start seeing more PS5s in stores. For those who want to make the most of upcoming console exclusives like God of War: Ragnarok and new features like the newly added 1440p support.

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