Sony raises the price of the PlayStation 5 by more than 10%

Japanese group Sony announced on Thursday that it was raising the selling prices of its PlayStation 5 consoles in most of its markets except the US, citing high inflation and unfavorable exchange rate impacts.

PS5 prices in Europe rose 10% to €549.99 for the disc-based console and 12.5% ​​to €449.99 for the digital version, according to a press release posted on the official PlayStation Blog.

Its prices are also rising “with immediate effect” in the UK, China, Australia, Mexico and Canada, while in Japan they will only be increased from September 15th.

Asia-Pacific, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa are also concerned.

“We are seeing high levels of inflation as well as negative currency effects affecting consumers and putting pressure on many industries,” said Jim Ryan, head of gaming organization Sony Interactive Entertainment. “Due to these difficult economic conditions, we have made the difficult decision to increase the PS5 MSRP across countries,” Mr. Ryan added, assuring that it was a “necessity.”

The reason why Sony spared the US is not specified, although inflation in the world’s largest economy is very high.

American giant Microsoft has not yet announced a price increase for its XBox consoles.

As for Nintendo, another Japanese video game giant, its president Shuntaro Furukawa told the Nikkei newspaper ten days ago that his group “for the moment” has no plans to raise the prices of its Switch console despite increased production and distribution costs. . “We want to avoid exclusion” of consumers, he said.

Mr. Ryan also reminded Thursday that Sony’s priority remains improving the production of its PS5 consoles, which has been plagued by constant supply chain disruptions that often make these products hard to reach for consumers.

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