Sony says releasing PlayStation AAA games directly to PS Plus will impact quality

Despite the arrival of the new PS Plus, Sony doesn’t intend to literally follow the Xbox Game Pass model. Jim Ryan repeated several times that the manufacturer does not want to release PlayStation Studios games directly on the service, unlike Microsoft. Answering several questions from various investors after Sony’s latest report, Hiroki Totoki, the Japanese giant’s chief financial officer, reaffirmed this strategy.

The issue of development cost

PlayStation Studios games on PS Plus on the first day, it’s not tomorrow. Obviously Sony doesn’t believe in this way of working, as according to Totoka it will affect the overall quality of these games (comment shared with Eurogamer):

“I do not want to comment on the strategy of other competitors. We are currently thinking about how to invest in research and development to match the costs of developing quality products and improve the platform and business in the long term. For AAA games on PS5, if we distribute them on a subscription basis, we may have to reduce the necessary investment, and this will degrade the quality of the game, which is a concern. »

Therefore, Sony definitely does not believe in this model and believes that the release of its own games directly by subscription will not be profitable enough, which forces the manufacturer to reconsider the cost of its products. That being said, PlayStation Studios games should now arrive on PS Plus faster, according to the first set of games promised on the new service.

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