Sony strengthens online multiplayer gaming by investing in Accelbyte

Microsoft owns PlayFab, Amazon (AWS) owns GameSparks. Sony now owns part of Accelbyte. These platforms provide back-end infrastructure for online multiplayer games such as Fortnite, Minecraft, Roblox and PUBG, matchmaking management, game distribution, season management, servers and hosting, transactions, analytics, etc. They make it easy to scale.

Accelbyte announced a $60 million Series B fundraiser led by Softbank and involving Sony Interactive Entertainment, as well as historic investors Galaxy Interactive and NetEase. Founded in 2016 by an Epic Games alum, the Seattle-based startup works with about 30 studios, including Dreamhaven, Build A Rocket Boy, 1047 Games, Krafton, Deep Silver Volition, Theorycraft Games, Remedy Entertainment, Raid Base, according to TechCrunch. and Starbreeze Studios.

Dozens of games in development

Founded in 2016 by a former Epic Games employee, Accelbyte works with all development platforms (Unreal, Unity, etc.) and all gaming platforms (PC, consoles, mobile devices). The company employs over 300 people worldwide.

In early February, Sony justified its takeover of Bungie, among other things, by its desire to release about ten online and multiplayer games by 2026. to use, to become a key skill building block, in particular for fast-paced multiplayer versions of major franchises. In this area, Microsoft has a head start.

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