Sony unveils first image of PlayStation VR2

Sony has just officially unveiled the first look of its upcoming PlayStation VR2 headset, as well as revealing its launch date.

The company already released its first PlayStation VR headset and accessories in 2016, and now, six years later, it’s ready to launch its next one.

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The PlayStation VR2 includes nicer design changes than its predecessor, feeling lighter, smaller and much easier to use. The company removed the extra lights and made it a little wider. There’s some bad news for PS4 players: PlayStation VR2 will only work with PS5.

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The Sony PlayStation VR2 is equipped with a 4K resolution screen and can run games at 90 or 120 Hz, as well as providing an approximately 110 degree field of view. It also has “quad cameras” to monitor the environment with a new inside-out tracking system, meaning no cameras are required to connect to the console.

And speaking of the sensor, it has a six-axis motion detection system with finger touch detection. It has Bluetooth v5.1 for connectivity, and a simple USB C cable is required to connect the console.

Sony has already announced a lot of games for this next headset, mostly the Horizon and Walking Dead universes. There are about 20 games on the list, including VR versions of Resident Evil Village and the popular No Man’s Sky universe simulator.

Separately, the company hasn’t said anything about a release date or price, but has said it will launch in the first quarter of 2023, which is expected to be January or February.

In addition, Meta is already working on a “Project Cambria” helmet that will outperform all helmets available on the market. Apple is also joining the headset race, secretly working on a “mixed reality headset.”

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