Sony wants to play artificial intelligence for you

According to a new patent, Sony is currently working on an artificial intelligence system capable of taking control of games to help users. Best of all, it reproduces the personal style of each player.

The next Playstation will she be able to complete the games for you? The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has just granted a patent to Sony for an in-game assistance system based on artificial intelligence (IA). It would not be a simple “bot”, as it has existed since the first online games, but a system capable of taking the place of the player.

According to Sony, AI will be able to control in-game actions with a default profile. However, the profile will then be personalized by observing the user’s way of playing, in order to then reproduce his style staff. The player can let the AI ​​take the controls when he has to be absent for a moment in an online game (without a break) or if he cannot pass an obstacle.

An assistance system with expert players

The patent also describes a system of assistance when the player is blocked, based on an automatic compilation in a database successful player actions to create suggestions and tutorials. If it does not have the solution, the AI ​​forwards a video and a question to expert players, then analyzes all the responses received to transmit the most appropriate to the user (the most common, the fastest, or even the one that takes the most risks). The answers will be added to the database for future players who encounter the same issue.

Sony also intends to share the collected data with developers so that they can know, for example, which tasks are too difficult and avoid including them in the future. We can already imagine multiplayer games fully automated, but Sony has already thought about it. The patent indicates a duration limited for the use of AI to avoid this kind of situation.

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