Sony will clean up the PlayStation Store, many games will disappear

Sony has reportedly begun cracking down on the PlayStation Store ‘shovel’ by rolling out new content rules designed to exclude low-quality games from its digital store.

Sony has a big problem with the PlayStation Store, as many games are considered “junk”. Some games are developed for the sole purpose of making money for the developers at the expense of the user experience.

Sony not only keeps junk games in check, but also cracks down on overly affordable platinum trophies and remastered games. In the first case, the developers release a very short game with 53 trophies available in just a few minutes in order to encourage players to buy the game. Secondly, these are modified games that are very similar to the original version, which is clearly a big problem.

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Sony will remove many games from the PS Store

According to Dex.Exe, PlayStation has sent a letter to its developers saying it will be implementing new policies to prevent the spread of “spam” or “repetitive content”. The letter highlights PlayStation’s commitment to ensuring that its customers can find what they’re looking for on the platform.

Therefore, Sony will remove several categories of games from the PlayStation Store, including, for example, jumping games. There are currently dozens of such games on the PlayStation Store, the only difference being, at least at first glance, the bouncing object. Therefore, we find, for example, Jumping Burger, Jumping Pumpkin, Jumping Taco and even Jumping Tofu.

PlayStation recommends that affected developers combine these games into one game to avoid further penalties. If the same developer is warned and punished multiple times, they may even be banned from adding content or banned altogether.

A player’s platinum track record can often look impressive, but sometimes his collection of trophies is complemented by games that PlayStation tries to hush up. Therefore, in the future, excesses should become increasingly rare if Sony manages to implement its new policy in its store. Either way, it could help Sony improve its image after it was accused of robbing gamers last summer.

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