Sony will continue to bring PlayStation games to PC geeko

Days Gone will be next on the list.

After Horizon: Zero Dawn, Sony has just announced that a second excluded PlayStation will soon arrive on PC. It is the open-world survival game Days Gone, which received a rather mixed reception when it was released for PlayStation 4. The title will arrive on PC in spring 2021.

“We looked at the situation from two angles. First, regarding the direct success of our PC publishing business, people liked Horizon Zero Dawn and they bought it. We have also listened to feedback from the PlayStation community. There was no massive negative reaction. We will therefore continue to take measures in this direction ” Jim Ryan explains.

Other PlayStation exclusives should therefore follow. The catalog of exclusives from Sony being quite large, the possibilities are endless.

This is of course great news for PC gamers, who had already seen taboos jump with Xbox exclusives, which are now also all ported to PC and integrated into Microsoft’s GamePass. Sony adopts a significantly different strategy by choosing to bring its excluded to PC late, to avoid losing strong selling points for its console. Obviously, however, it is increasingly difficult to recoup for triple-A titles. Carrying certain ex-exclusives on PC allows Sony to increase the profitability of its projects while not taking too many risks with its catalog.

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