Sony Working on PS5 Shortage: The Gap Should Close During the Holidays – Le Mag Jeux High-Tech

Next November, the Sony PS5 console will blow out its second candle. And yet the latter is still difficult to find in stores, due to the very high demand combined with the lack of components. However, optimism is in the order of things in the Japanese firm. Indeed, the executives of the brand in question are still hopeful that they can ramp up production to deliver more consoles during the holiday season.

Sony PS5: fragile hopes

“At this time, we have made no changes to our forecast for PS5 hardware sales of 18 million units in fiscal year 22. But as we see a post-quarantine recovery in Shanghai and a significant improvement in component supply, we are working to increase supply for the holiday season. “Recently, we were able to read in a Sony report transmitted by our American colleagues from VG Chartz.

The improvement in Asia seems to give hope to Sony and its PS5. Hope for more fragility as the global economy is threatened by new restrictions that may come this fall. Therefore, it remains to cross your fingers that all the players wishing to offer themselves (or receive an offer) Playstation 5 for Christmas are finally served. But we have a hard time believing it… Anyway, there is an urgency because the Xbox series is starting to pull ahead, especially in the US where the Microsoft machine has been leading for many months now. .

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