Sony’s new PS5 controller is the DualSense Edge.

Sony PlayStation 5 controllers are getting an update with DualSense Edge. Edge is all about customization. It has five unique profiles, upgraded internal hardware, and several additional input methods. There are two function buttons below the analog sticks, and in the images, all the rubberized knobs look very grippy to hold on to.

Another great feature is that you can remap and deactivate buttons, as well as adjust joystick sensitivity and dead zones, and then save those settings to unique profiles. The stick caps and back buttons can be interchanged and users can replace the entire stick module. A braided USBC cable and a USB charging carrying case complete the whole thing.

We do not yet know when it will be available and how much the new controller will cost. However, Sony says we’ll get more information about the Edge in the coming months. DualSense is a standout PlayStation 5 feature with intense tactile feedback and adjustable force trigger buttons. This is key because it helps add a level of immersion to games that you won’t find on Xbox. This is a good move from Sony.


Image courtesy of Sony

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