Soon you will be able to play swimming pool and hot tub cleaning simulator.

This new simulation game is coming to PC in 2023. Players will be able to clean several types of water equipment.

Fans of simulation games and cleaning will love pool cleaning simulator. This new video game from publisher PlayWay will offer its players the opportunity to clean luxury swimming pools, municipal swimming pools and other children’s pools using multiple tools.

The game will also offer cleaning jet and sponge lovers to polish dirty hot tubs after an out-of-control party. Players will be able to change the hot tub filter, mop the floor, and use nets to remove unwanted guests.

Cleaning, but also more unusual tasks

Because the simulator offers not only classic cleaning missions. This will actually remove turtles, frogs and crocodiles from the pool to find a home for them other than the garden pond.

The game follows the trend of clearing videos and video games that have been captivating Internet users for several months. PowerWash, which offers gamers the ability to remove all traces of dirt with a pressure washer, has become one of the video game sensations in 2022.

However, you will have to wait to enjoy a short pool cleaning session. Pool Cleaning Simulator currently does not have an official release date. It will still be released during 2023, only on PC. As for the price, it should be displayed at the same price as other games of this type, around 24.99 euros. Cheaper than the jacuzzi then.

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