Sorare on the National Gaming Authority’s radar

The loop around Sorare is being tightened. The virtual football card platform has just received a warning from the National Gaming Authority (ANJ). According to BFM Business, the platform will have to demonstrate that it does not look like a sports betting site. The instance gave him time before the fall in Sorara to prove it. “We issued a warning and requested information from this company. We have already received from them a number of arguments about which we have serious doubts. We look forward to seeing what Sorare representatives will present us at the beginning of the school year. “If this difficulty persisted, we would have to take a stand,” warns ANJ.

In particular, on the platform, customers can purchase virtual football player cards, which are sold in the form of NFTs. Prices vary depending on the rarity of the cards, and customers can also speculate on the growth if they think the athlete will see his fame rise. These cards can then be used in virtual tournaments. Depending on the performance and statistics of the players in the match, participants can win prizes.


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It is on this last point that ANJ has doubts. “Reckoned as a game of money and chance, and forbidden as such are all transactions offered to the public, under whatever name, in order to give rise to the hope of winning, which would be due, at least in part, to chance and for which the participants are required financial sacrifices,” read in article L320-1 of the Internal Security Code.


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For his part, Sorare denies any resemblance to sports betting platforms. “Under applicable law, our analysis indicates that Sorare is not subject to gambling regulations. […] In Sorare, there is no concept of a bet or a financial sacrifice depending on the sporting event. When a Sorare card is played in our fantasy game, it is never lost. This card can be played once or 500 times, both in the first and in the tenth season, ”the company defends into the BFMTV microphone.

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