Southern Tunisia magnified thanks to the latest Highlight IA video technology from Oppo Reno 5 | THD – Tunisia High Debit

The official representatives of the OPPO brand in Tunisia: Yassine Ben Gamra, Maram Ben Aziza, Nasseem Ziadia and Myriem Boukadida were invited at the end of January 2021 to the South of Tunisia by a Guest Star: Chedly Arfaoui, to live an unprecedented adventure.

Gathered for a crossing in the Tunisian desert, the shock quartet spent a few days at the rhythm of the camel caravan to survey the dunes, to stroll in the old quarters and to venture in buggy and quads in the oases tozeuriennes.

This unexpected adventure turned into a fun challenge based on the user experience and the discovery of the exceptional features of the new OPPO Reno5 smartphone.

The result: a series of never-before-seen images and breathtaking video clips in iconic locations that will be revealed very soon on the media and social networks of OPPO in Tunisia, on the occasion of the online launch of its new smartphone. OPPO Reno5.

Under the slogan Picture Life Together or Let’s capture life together, OPPO is thus preparing for a successful launch in our market of its latest models from the Reno series, the Reno5 4G and the Reno5 5G. In addition to their technological prowess, these two new smartphones from OPPO, thin and light, with a refined iconic design, convey a new vision of everyday life where people and technology come together to capture the best moments experienced and shared.

This new OPPO campaign, which will begin with a teasing, with the stars of the Tunisian show biz, by capturing the key moments they shared together through beautiful images and videos of day and night taken by the OPPO Reno5, is undoubtedly a brilliant approach to promote the landscapes of the land of jasmine. The destination Tunisia will be greatly benefited.

The adventures of the 5 celebrities with the new OPPO Reno5 will invade your screens following a live that will be broadcast on February 24, 2021 from 9 p.m. on OPPO’s social networks.


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