Space for the Unbound – Need for Read Unbound!

How about a trip to Indonesia?

A Space for the Unbound is a small storytelling game that will make me travel! From the very beginning, I feel the 90s and it reminds me of my younger years! Like Atma, the hero, I am a high school student, but my life will be very different.

Indeed, Atma lives in Indonesia, and after a cryptic prologue where he helps a young girl try to finish a book, he seems to be drowning in a raging river! Because, unlike me, Atma cannot swim. And in the prologue, he likes to stroke the neighbor’s cats, and I didn’t have the same passion… Anyway, he wakes up and sees the pretty face of his girlfriend Raya, and that’s where the story begins. Rai has an idea: to make a decision about her life, and it starts with skipping an appointment with an educational consultant (we can understand it). This is the beginning of your adventure and it will take you in many directions. It’s very cool to see the surprises that await us, revealing the motives of our heroes.

This is also adolescence: falling from above when you think you will get …

The story is the heart of the game, and it’s quite mysterious. We see a connection between the “dreamed” prologue and the rest of the story, but gradually it will take shape. A Space for the Unbound is a narrative game, so we follow where the story takes us. Along the way, we manage to find the right items or take the actions necessary to progress through the story. In absolute terms, nothing supernatural, but some sequences will be painful. The first thing you will encounter will be “penetrating” to clear your way through the school without alerting the teachers! A rather difficult moment that you can afford to repeat several times in a few minutes!

Is it really the stick I found in the chest of drawers…?

Such a passage is not common, but in my opinion it interferes a little with enjoying the game. It’s a shame because A Space for the Unbound has gameplay that reciprocates and is easy to understand. In addition, this is a pixel game, very nice and cute! We have small animations, models, music that should be used in the game to set an example for certain publishers who choose pixels!

I want to become a video game champion!

So A Space for the Unbound is a good narrative game that, despite some less than successful sequences, makes you want to follow the adventures of Atma and Ray. This is not a game that we will do 10 times, because once the adventure is over, we will not necessarily have something to do or redo, but it will be a great adventure, and that’s the main thing!

A bit like Pokémon Stone!

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