Space Punks: a sci-fi Diablo with Borderlands humor

Flying Wild Hog and the British studio Jagex Partners prepare us Space punks, a new game in the genre looter shoot.

If you are looking for a game with a flavor of Diablo in space with a touch of quirky humor at the Borderlands, Space Punks is for you. It is “designed to be a living, breathing and ever-changing game world: a true living game built in accordance with the creative mission of Flying Wild Hog, which is to create action-packed, fast-paced and unique titles that transport players in new, unexpected and exciting worlds ”.

The game also reminds a little Helldiverse with its isometric view and overflowing action. However, it relies on a large random loot system.

This new feature will be available in early access on PC from July 14, with an open beta scheduled for winter 2021 and a release on consoles in 2022.

Official site:

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