Spain: A company that offered to invest in therapeutic marijuana was subject to a collective fraud complaint.

FRAUD – A group complaint can be filed in France between the end of September and the beginning of October.

There will be a lot of victims, including in France. More than a thousand Spaniards have filed a complaint against JuicyFields, which offered to invest in medicinal cannabis. This collective complaint concerns alleged acts of “fraud”, “embezzlement” and “money laundering”, as pointed out by Norberto Martínez, a lawyer for the Martinez-Blanco firm, at the beginning of this procedure.

Gathering some 1,200 investors, it was filed over the weekend with the investigating judges of the National Audience, a Spanish court that specializes in complex cases, a spokesman for the institution confirmed.

The promise of high profitability

This will be the first collective complaint at this stage against JuicyFields, a company based in the Netherlands that offered to buy cannabis plants for medical use online, promising investors very high returns. The promised ROI was “between 29% and 66%,” explains the Martinez-Blanco firm, which in a press release mentions a possible “Ponzi pyramid,” a scam that rewards existing investors with funds provided by new entrants.

In fact, according to several testimonies collected (…) Read more in 20 minutes

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