Special gas and electricity scheme: there you have it, purchasing power!

Spectrum of yellow vests and the approach of the presidential elections. We understand the executive’s eagerness to react to the rebound in energy prices … The solutions obtained last week are, however, disconcerting. In the case of gas, the State obliges the distribution companies to grant a cash advance to their customers: the consumer will reimburse it after the elections. In the case of electricity, the State mitigates the rise in prices by reducing a tax: the mega budget deficit will worsen. However, there is a way to reduce the energy bill by around one thousand five hundred million euros, without deteriorating public finances: abolish the special regime for gas and electricians.

If it has been partially reformed, it is much more generous than common law. The legal age will be pushed back to 62 years in 2024, but it’s seven years after everyone, and agents on “active or unhealthy duty” will still be able to leave five years early, versus two on the normal difficulty device. The pension is equal to 75% of the salary of the last six months of salary, as in administration, but including bonuses, as in the private sector: the best of both worlds! There are also some specific family benefits and, above all, a reduced energy tariff maintained in retirement (cost, only 229 million euros).

Who pays ? The consumer, who seldom suspects that the “transmission fee contribution” that appears on his bill is intended to finance these advantages. Its amount has increased by 50% in thirteen years, “almost three times more than inflation in this period,” protested the Court of Accounts in 2019. Even more formidable, the same consumer pays a .. VAT on this CTA. Gas and electricians, of course, are exempt from this tax. Ending this system would combine the distribution of purchasing power with a certain social justice. Too good to believe?

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