Spelldust: the magicians’ duel on Android and iOS this month

Swedish studio Grand Pike, with support from Arctic Game Lab, is proud to announce the release of its game Spelldust. Its global launch for Android and iOS is scheduled for the second half of June.

A first discreet launch of the game, made in April in a few territories, allowed developers to give a head start to a community that has given a lot of feedback. It has been widely considered to make further improvements to the version that will launch to the rest of the world on June 22.

Spelldust is a real time strategy game in the theme of magic. Players take part in intense duels against other players using pre-selected spell cards, in what could be described as a mix of Hearthstone and Clash Royale.

Spelldust uses the mechanics and card combinations of classic games in the genre, but is played in a real-time mobile format.

“We are very excited to launch Spelldust and delighted to be able to present to the world our work of the past few years,” said Daniel Öhgren, President of Grand Pike. “We have developed Spelldust for gamers and we want to include our players to help us improve the game in the future ”.

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